What I Learned This Week

 February 8, 2013

 This week was very interesting because I learned a lot of cool new things. One particular thing I would like to tell you about is how I learned about how to mix and use different kinds of colors together in art. We are drawing and then painting leaves in art class this week and next week also. We are to start out with a color and paint over it with a different color to make it look more realistic. I think that it is very fun to paint and use different colors. Do you have experience with mixing and painting? Explain what.

  February 1, 2013

 I learned some new things that I didn't know before. I am going to tell you about how I learned what Dystopia and Utopia meant. Dystopia is a fantasy land, or something that is made up that is cruel and unpleasant. Utopia means kinda like the opposite. It is a fantasy made up land but everything is perfect, like a perfect world. I think that our world today is more like a Dystopia because things like gas, and other stuff is going up in prices and the economy isn't doing good. It isn't as bad as what Dystopia is but it definitely isn't perfect. Do you think that the world is like Dystopia or Utopia, why?

  January 25, 2013

I learned a lot of cool new things this week. I want to tell you about how I learned a lot of things about PBL (Project Based Learning.) PBL is something that we use mostly in science class, but you can use it in any class. I think that the best way to describe PBL is saying that it is all hands on. You and other students are involved in it only. The teacher is just there to help you if you have any questions but the teacher doesn't give you specific directions. PBL helps you to find out ill-defined questions the nobody has found the answer to. It also helps you to be able to communicate with other students a lot more because that is what is is, working in small groups with other student and you do a lot of fun and cool projects, and you also present a lot too. That is the main thing that I wanted to tell you that I leaned this week. I think that PBL would work great for people who like to communicate and do projects and present them.

  January 16, 2013

I learned a lot of new things this week.  One thing I learned this week that I didn't really know about before is how to make and set up an e portfolio.  I liked learning about it because I think that it is a very important thing to understand because you will be using it now all the way till the end of high school.  I noticed a lot of cool and fun things you can do on an e portfolio like how you can set up a background of your choice and how you can write whatever you want.  I wonder how it would be without an e portfolio because of how important it is in school.  I think that we might have done things a lot differently without our e portfolio and other social networking here at school by not being able to see how other people outside of your school feel.  That's what I learned this week and that's how I feel about it too.

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