Genius Hour

I made a blog about the basics of softball. My blog, Fast Pitch Softball, was made to hopefully allow beginner players learn about the game, and for people to learn the history and a little bit more that they didn’t know before.

Throughout the process of this project, I noticed that I found myself changing a lot of things about my project. At first I wanted to make a game that you could play online, hopefully helping you get down the basics of Fast Pitch Softball. Then, I decided that it would best benefit me and others if I were to make a website that would give pointers, explain the history, show pictures and videos, and give fun facts about the sport! I am glad that I decided to just make a website and not provide a game for people to play online.

I liked that this whole Genius Hour project allowed me to learn more about the sport myself, and give others the opportunity to learn more about softball! For those that really don’t find the sport interesting may have changed their mind after going to my website and that would definitely be a great goal accomplished by me! For people to read, and watch videos to help make their attitude, and play on the field better, would also be a great goal accomplished by me! I wonder if my website did make anyone’s feelings about the sport change? I wonder why, if it did change their thoughts about the sport.. in a negative way or in a positive way? How might my website be more beneficial to others, what more could I have added or changed about my project to make it better?

This project allowed me to learn really the potential that the sport requires. Without the potential and attitude to want to be on the field you really can’t make much of it, or be as good of a player that you could be if you did have the right attitude! What if I wouldn’t have done this whole project? Doing this project really helped me find out really what I know about the sport and helped me build my passion for softball. If I hadn’t done this project I probably would have forgotten my love for the sport and this project allowed me to grow more passion for softball!

Is it possible to get many people involved with softball with just my blog? That would be amazing if it was!! If people would go to my blog and comment their thoughts about it, I would be able to add onto my blog with what people would suggest. How is my website that I made a good way for beginners to learn the basics of the game? I would say that the videos that I have added to my website gave off a lot of good examples for beginners to get the feel of how to hit, field, and pitch.

Throughout this whole project, my overall goal was to get people not involved with Fast Pitch Softball more involved and for beginners to get the feel of the game. My vision is that I will have comments and posts on my blog helping me know what to improve and change to make it better! My project did change over the process of time. At first, I wanted to make an online game for people to play and then I just decided to do more research and find pictures and videos to interest people into the game of softball. I am proud of what my final project looks like, it looks the way I envisioned it would and I think that people will enjoy exploring it. I accomplished making a blog that has different pages to it for beginners to learn tips, fun facts for those already softball fans, a home page, and a page that just includes pictures and videos!

My project will hopefully impact others by helping them through the process of just beginning playing the game. Also, I hope that people will learn more about Fast Pitch Softball after visiting my blog than what they already knew before going on to my blog!

Link to my blog !!

Reflection 5/5/14
Today I worked more on my pages!! I am done looking up information for my pages. I need to put the info on my pages, and organize it more so that people will really see what they are reading and see what would benefit them best to read on my blog!

Reflection 4/28/14
For my project today, i did really what I did last week. Only, I pretty much wrapped up my pointers page, and my videos/pictures page. I am now working on my fun facts page!! I really like doing this page because it is helping me learn more fun things that I didn't already know!

Reflection 4/14/14
For Genius hour today, I started gathering information to make up some of my pages that I will put on my website. I will have about 4 or hopefully 5 pages, hopefully will help with beginner players, and for those who just wanna watch videos and things to gain more knowledge!

Reflection 4/7/14
Today, I did research and I learned a lot more that I didn't know a bout softball. I am slowly adding my research onto my blog. I also went through and changed some of the stuff that I already had on my website. I edited and I also got more research to put onto my 'History Of the Game' page on my website.

Reflection 3/17/14
Today, I came up with more information. I am going to put more information on my website next week! I did more of the same things that I accomplished last week like getting more facts and pictures/videos for my website.

Reflection 2/24/14
Today, I continued to research pointers and more tips on softball so could get ready to add everything onto my website. I learned a little more beginners tips for others to learn that I wouldn't have added onto my site.

Reflection 2/17/2014
Today, I used my genius hour to finish creating my website and also to research more facts about softball. I have knowledge from past experience but I know that there are a lot more things that I could have been more precise about. I could have added more information to make beginners understand more. I still need to add all the information onto my website.

Reflection 2/10/14
Today I used my genius hour to create my website and get a good start on it! I think that once I'm all finished with my website, it will turn out to be great. 

Think up a descriptive title. Try to be creative if it fits.
-Softball Lives

How will your project impact you and others?
- My project will benefit others by allowing them to play games and reading more about things that will reflect on their knowledge about softball.

How is your project “AWESOME?”
- My project is awesome because it helps people to gain more knowledge on what softball is really all about.

Which of the geniuses will you be using?
- I will be using my skills on softball and imagination. I also need to research other things about the sport because there are a lot of things about softball that i don’t know about.

What challenge/goal/question will drive your work?
- this will be a challenge because i will have to make a website that contains: photos, games, and articles to gain their knowledge and passion on the sport.                       
What do you expect to learn? How will you be challenged? How will this stretch you?
- I expect to learn more about softball while doing this project as well as the other people that will be looking at my site. I will be challenged by trying to find a way to put everything together and try to make it not boring for the people that will be reading the website. It will stretch me by allowing me to stay on task and really try to make this project work and be a success.           
List your materials/resources and who will be providing them.
- I will be using the internet to find photos, and games, and articles to read up on everything and then I will try to put it all together in my own kind of way on my website.   
Main Steps:
Outline the main steps to complete your project. Explain any additional steps you need to complete. How will you document your process/progress beyond your journal entries?
How long do you expect this project to take?
- I expect this project to take the rest of the year because I want to not only make it appealing to the eye but also to make it a reliable way to gain your knowledge.                       
List possible resources/sources of inspiration to complete this project. Are there any outside experts who you could learn from or who might help you? Are there existing examples of the sort of project you want to complete?
- My whole family has played softball or is still playing today. My dad has been my coach for as long as I have played and so I think that I could definitely ask them on ways to help me with this project. I will use quotes also to try to inspire more people.                        

What parts of this project might be difficult? How do you expect to handle them?
- This project could be difficult because I need to know of ways to put everything together onto one webpage. I could handle this by focusing and not holding it off so I could have time to think about it. I could also always ask for help.                       

Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward - How will you share what you have learned with others? Who is your target audience?
- My targeted audience is everyone that is eager to learn about softball but more importantly the people who want to play the sport.                       

How will you define the projects success? How should we evaluate your success? How will that be "visible" to others? (Demonstrate) Can your progress be measured throughout the project?
- I will define my projects success by people learning off of it and seeing if my website gets out of the town? My progress can be measured by seeing more and more people learning off if it. there will be a place for people to write comments and I will see what the comments say and that should tell me a lot because it’s hearing other people’s opinions.

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