This year, I accomplished mostly maintaining good grades. There was one quarter that wasn't the best and I knew I could have done a lot better.

 Reflection: I think that I am staying with both of my goals. I have been getting good grades.

Short-term: I would like to continue getting good grades and I want to finish the rest of 8th grade year getting good grades and making honor roll because the more we get into this school year, the harder I think it is to keep up my grades.

Long-term: I want to continue with my long term goal as being a physical therapist.

My goals
August 26, 2013

My one special thing is: I think that my one special thing is softball.  I enjoy playing softball and I believe that I am good at it.  I play and have been playing for about 8 years now.  Also, my whole family plays is or has played it.

My short-term goals: I would like to get good grades this whole year and I want to listen and do everything at school better than I did last year in 7th grade. 

My long-term goals: I would like to go to college and study in exercise science to become a physical therapist.  I think that I could accomplish this goal if I concentrate on my school work right now and staying in school.  If I get good grades then I could go off to college and try to become a physical therapist.

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