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 February 1, 2013

                 There are a lot of things going through my head about the story, "the Giver". I think it is more of an example of a Dystopia. I wouldn't say that everything in the book is unpleasant but they really don't even get to be born into a family and the kids have to grow up faster. I think that it is also bad because you have to get an assignment on what you are going to do the rest of your life when you are "a twelve." Although it isn't all that good I do see some similarities. The kids can go to school that adults can go to work. And at least they eat and talk as a family like some families and people do now. Some positives I see in Jonas's community that I don't see in this community is that they seem like they get to know each other a lot more than our community because when they all get together for the people do get their assignments they all seem to know each other.

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