I am an 8th grade student from Lincoln Jr. High School!  There are a lot of things to know about me; I find many things interesting and some not so much.  I know that it is important to read and write so that you have those skills in the future, but reading and writing is one of those things I don't find very interesting.  I enjoy playing softball and volleyball; I have a lot of memories made from those two sports!  I love to be active because if I'm not I will feel really lazy and bored.

I do like to go to school because I like to see my friends and I know that if I stay in school that I could make something out of myself in the future!  One reason I don't enjoy school all that much is because I get off task and sometimes get in trouble; I think that that is one thing I need to work on more and could change.  I have many things that I would want to do when I grow up.  The main thing I want to focus on is to go to college and study in exercise science.  I want to become a physical therapist.

I have a very large family; we are all very, very close!  Almost everyone in my family plays or has played softball.  I like to try and talk to everyone here at school and out of school; I try and be nice to everyone.  Although, if someone is mean to me I won't let them walk all over me.  I will confront them to their face in a nice way and try to clear everything up.  My friends and family will have my back and if something goes wrong in my family then we will all try and back each other up!  I hope you have learned somethings about me and my interests!

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  3. Syd, I love your blog, it's very well organized and creative! :) you should check mine out :)