Smackdown Inspiration

 2/4/14 Page 5
Mates, Dates, and Tempting Trouble -Cathy Hopkins
1.What inspires me?
 - Nothing inspires me at this point in the book.
2. What makes me angry or confused?
- There is nothing that makes me angry or confused at this point in the book.
3. What I like or love
- I like how the girl isn't conceded and thinks she is better than everyone even though people compliment her all the time!
4. What am I wondering about?
- Why doesn't the character in my book like that she is beautiful even though everyone says she is?

 1/21/14 Page 40

1. What inspires me?
- It inspires me that he would like to learn how to drive so badly that he goes and sings for rides.
 2. What makes me angry or confused?
- Terry is leaving his home town and he is going out west.
3. What I like or love?
- I like that he is learning from his mistakes while driving as well as other people's mistakes because he wants to learn to drive.
4. What I am I wondering about?
- Why does he want to leave his hometown and move out west?

1/15/14 Page 25

I liked that in the chapter I read, Terry finally finished the car he was working on! He worked very hard; I wonder why he tried to finish the car in such a short period of time when he had forever to work on it? I'm wondering why Terry would want to work on the car so hard when he doesn't even know how to drive.

1/14/14 Page 16

Chapter 3 was very short. There wasn't much that went on, this chapter explained kinda the history behind the car. It inspires me that Terry could love an object so much, he really wants to put the kit car together because he wasn't able to work on the car when is dad was around. I wonder why Terry wasn't able to work on the car when his dad was around. I like that Terry works so hard to put the car together and that he doesn't let it bother him that his parents aren't around.

1/13/2014 Page 10

The Car
Gary Paulsen

It makes me angry and confused that Terry, the boy in the story, was usually left alone, by himself. His parents didn't hate him, nor like him; they were just there, and that also leaves me confused. I mainly wonder about that. Why didn't they show their son love and appreciation? I like that Terry knew how to live by himself just fine; he went to school by himself just fine, ate, and he even worked and saves his own money because his parents are never there! Terry's parent both called and told him that they weren't coming home! Terry was left alone for a while, what sorta inspires me about this story is that he can find so much love in just one thing, that don't even work! His car.

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