Student Blogging Challenge

I am passionate about softball. 

I have been playing for a long time and so have my sisters! With my father being my coach it also gives me a lot more motivation to continue to play. To go out and just throw the ball, to go on the field and play my hardest is what I enjoy the most! I enjoy softball because I think that if I play and work hard enough I could get somewhere in the future by playing it. I hope to get far with it, maybe play college ball, like my sister!

Blog: Riley's blog really stood out to me because 
I noticed that she is very passionate about 
sports also! 
Author: Riley W.
Title: Intro to the world
Date of post: 9/10/2013

Riley, I noticed really liked football. I am not a big fan of football but I liked it because she was passionate about a sport like I am! She seemed to know a lot about the sport and she seemed to find interest in it, which sorta relates to me. I like to learn about, watch, and cheer for other softball teams but I also play. Riley seems to like to learn about, watch and cheer for football teams!



      I would like to ask all the people that are visiting my blog a few questions! My main question I have is where are you guys all from? What is your school like and what are some of the things you learn there? It would be great if you guys could post a link to your blogs in the comment area! What do you think of my blog; could I improve on somethings, like what and how could I improve on it? I would also like to thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to get some answers back!  

 I am doing the second activity for the blogging challenge 2. This activity tells me to give 5 place in my local area (Plymouth IN) that I think visitors should see. One place is the town Museum; the museum is filled with history from Plymouth! You can see all the wildlife, past miss Americas and the runner ups (that are from the Plymouth area), important old buildings that used to be in Plymouth, but my favorite thing to see in the Museum is the train room! You can play and see all the old trains and pictures of trains from olden day Plymouth! The next place I think is interesting to see in Plymouth is all of our nature trails. You can go and walk on the nature trails and see some cool things! The third place I think the visitors of Plymouth would find interesting to see is just to walk uptown. There are cool stores and places to eat up town. Next, I think it would be cool for people visiting Plymouth to see public park! Our public park is big and it has cool things to do there. The last place I think visitors should see is Plymouth's skating rink! I have a lot of fun at the skating rink; it is a good place to go for kids and adults and you will still have fun! Plymouth is a very small town, but there are still a lot of cool, interesting things to look at and do in Plymouth! 

School Life.

How is a typical everyday lunch for me? Lunch is my favorite part of the day while I'm at school!  I get to get away from all the thinking and take a break from everything! I can see most of my friends that I don't have regular classes with and at lunch we can talk about things other than school! The school lunches to me are good, most of them! What time do I usually wake up in the morning? On school days the time I get up in the morning is around 6:00 a.m. That gives me around 1 hour and 20 minutes to get ready for the school day before my school bus comes! It takes me about 5 minutes to get fully awake because usually I am really tired in the morning! 

Our World.

Activity 7, Visiting blogs made by people around the world.

I visited some students from Russia. I noticed that they speak, dress, and eat much differently from people in the United Stated! Students from Australia change some of the English words. To people in the United States the word is mom, to people in Australia they say mum. They speak the same language they just put an accent to the words. I visited someone from a place called Tunisia. I noticed that they girl from Tunisia isn't used to speaking English. She has a hard time spelling words, and doesn't really know how to put them together in a sentence. She speaks a different language, I think Indian, maybe just know introduced to English. I visited a 20 year old women from Argentina. They speak a much different language! Argentina is in South America. All of these blogs that I went to, I noticed do things much differently then how people here in the United States do things.  I think it would be very interesting to go to one of these places and try to live their way just to see what it would be like. I liked doing this weeks blogging challenge because I got to really look and read all the blogs I looked at from different place and to compare it to my country!


Activity 6. Imagine your are debating this topic: It is better to have a negative digital footprint than no footprint at all. Give three reasons to support each side of the debate.

If I were to debate the topic above I would have a few things to back it up. It states that rather then having no footprint at all you would rather have a negative one. If you have no footprint at all that probably means that you didn't go to school and if you did you didn't make it far. Meaning that you probably didn't go to college, because if you did there would be some things online about you. If you have a negative digital footprint, people like bosses at a job you would like to apply for would know what they need to work with you on. Maybe if you didn't get good grades and people see that online about you they would know to tell you that you should go back to school or redo some classes that you struggle in. Having a negative digital footprint rather then having none at all is better because if you had no information about you that like cops and people could see and you are in danger no one would really know where you are!


Activity 1.

  • What makes a great post?
  • When you are out visiting blogs, what makes you stop and read a post 
  • How do you find great posts on a blog? 
I believe what makes a great post is if you use images, and different 2.0 tools. If you try to use like bright colors, or interesting fonts it will draw my attention and i will make me stop and read the blog post. Another thing that might make me stop to read a post is what the subheading on the post is. To see what the post is going to be about. I like to read bigger, more advanced words. If you type too casual it won't really make me want to stop and read the blog post! How do you find great posts on a blog? I think that on a blog there should be different tabs to separate everything and it would be more organized and well put together! If you have a certain thing you want to find on the blog you would go to the different tabs and go to one you think would have what you are looking for in it! 

Part A.
Places I would like to visit.
There are a lot of beautiful countries and places overseas from the United States that I would love to visit! The one place I would like to visit the most would be Africa. Africa looks very amazing because I like all the animals and outside scenery to see in Africa. 
Another place I would like to visit is the Philippines. I think that the ocean and all the trees are beautiful. I think it would be a fun place to live and go on vacation with the family! 
I would love to see France. I think it is very romantic there and there is a lot to see. There are a lot of beautiful buildings there.

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