October 31, 2013

Preventing Unjust Effects of Social Media

Getting cyber-bullied or getting bullied in general can really mess up someone's life and future. Everyday, there are many people getting bullied and I do not think that it is needed in the world. Our website helps teens in a positive way by letting them understand that they aren't alone. Many people go through it and it is not fun! Our website, explains how social media is a big part in getting bullied! We tried to tell you ways to stay away from getting bullied on social media.

I think our website can really make a positive change in someone's life that is getting bullied and even someone who is the bully. If bullies go to our site, they might understand that what they are doing really does have an effect on people! Our website can help a lot of people I believe, they just have to go and really look at out website! Hopefully you will understand, if you are the bully, that what you are doing can really effect someone's future! If you are getting bullied, just understand that you are not alone and there are millions of people getting bullied every single day.

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